What we do

At Total Support Limited our aim is to develop and in-depth understanding of our client’s needs whatever the size of the project or the process.  Our quantity surveying services are vast but typically can be broken down into the following areas:-

Project Feasibility & Development Appraisal -

at this early stage we will work with you to ensure you make informed decisions about your project right from the start.  This is the ‘keeping it real’ part.  We will assess design solutions; identify risks, review budgets, cash flow associated with major expenditure milestones, procurement and delivery.  We cannot emphasise enough just how crucial the project feasibility and development appraisal is.

Cost Planning & Cost Estimating -

our advice is impartial and designed to help you plan for and proactively manage costs.

Value Management -

this essential part of the project process is to ensure your needs are clearly defined and that a true scope of the work is produced for the project.  We will review the design objectives and any issues and advise on appropriate course of action to remove any unnecessary elements to ensure the project remains on course and value for money

Bills of Quantities -

From detailed design drawings and specifications we can prepare bills of quantities.  This document will assist in negotiations with contracts, promote more reliable price comparisons and provide a basis for the valuation of interim payments and preparation of the final account.

Risk Analysis -

throughout the project, we will work closely with you to review the work and identify any related risks that could undermine the project.  We will ensure they can be quantified, understood and managed.

Tender Evaluation & Negotiation -

with extensive experience in this arena, you can guarantee that our assessment will highlight any exclusion or contractual deviations, as well as assessment of methodology.  We will help you make informed decisions right from the start.

Contract Administration, Progress Claims & Variations -

an end-to-end solution to ensure best value for you at all times.

Final Account/Audit -

We can audit the financial performance of projects and assist in negotiating final accounts to realise the final project build and cost, including resolution of outstanding money.

Employers & Financiers Agents, Independent Certifier Roles –

Our service provides banks and funders with ongoing independent professional advise on the construction risks associated with a development project.  We can include monthly progress reports, advising on programme and progress and contract variations.

Life Cycle Costings -

During the development process, we will work with you to determine the benefits of integrating different building components e.g. energy efficient products and renewable energy that could make a difference to your initial capital expenditure and future costs.

Insurance Replacement Valuations –

this valuation should not be confused with market value.  This assessment can be for the building to be completely re-built or re-instated – the valuation purpose is to help you insure the building for the actual cost of the building materials, together with design, labour and other costs.

Let’s talk about your project. Call or email us, without obligation, to discuss your goals and aspirations and/or limitations.